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Majority of things posted on this blog are products of ME, unless stated otherwise.

*Disclaimer; I am NOT a tattoo artist..*

We out here.

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Vamp (1986)
Grace Jones being painted by Keith Haring on the set of Vamp.


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Vamp (1986)

Grace Jones being painted by Keith Haring on the set of Vamp.

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Close up of the pieces I did for tonight! Also a funky pano of the space !

Got to participate in a rad group art show ! Some of Vancouver’s up and coming! Many thanks to everyone who came out and showed love. And to those who didn’t; may this be the first of many! My pieces are the top right on the first row, and the far right in the middle row!

Sneak peak at 1 of 3 of my pieces going into the 10x10 art show at the China Cloud gallery THIS Friday October 10th ! If you’re going to be in Vancouver or the surrounding areas; come say hi, show some love, and have a drink !

"St. Tropez" by Eric Fischl c.1982 oil on canvas

“St. Tropez *censored*” adaptation by Peter Ferguson c.2013 acrylic on canvas.

Painting done for school, I had to recreate this Eric Fischl painting with an adaptation from my own style of painting. The censorship is commenting directly on the original painting, paying attention to what was seen as socially and politically accepted during Fischl’s existence. In the original painting, Fischl portrays St. Tropez with three dominating figures : a nude white woman in the immediate foreground, a nude female child, and a clothed African American male. I chose to censor the nude female in the immediate foreground, as a response to the lack of realism and detail given to the African American male in comparison to both the Caucasian figures.

"Intergalactic Iron Chef" by Peter Ferguson. 8x10" Ink and watercolor. I don’t play around with water color nearly as much as should be .. So here’s general grievous getting down in the kitchen !
"Rounded" by Peter Ferguson
Approx 36”, spray paint on wood paneling. My 3rd piece for my upcoming show ! Stay tuned for more info on time, date and location!!
My friend Richard’s 2013 Custom Harley Davidson Roadking built by Gunners Choppers in Langley BC



Yoko Ono “Cut Piece” (1965)

Maybe one of the most powerful pieces of performance-based art ever created. Ono sits passively, silently, while the audience (some carefully, others aggressively) use a shared scissors to cut off pieces of her clothing.  

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Pig skin self portrait for school .. First time playing with shading !

Some teasers for an upcoming photo set…

Photos taken by Peter Ferguson

shot with: Yashica TL

Doodles and paintings done by me! The 5 paintings were done for school and the large multi colored piece is a collaboration with my friend Andrew Talbot